Saturday, 6 August 2011

Another day, another show at the Edinburgh Fringe

I had to be up and about early this morning and I am so glad I was. It turned out on a Saturday in Edinburgh, before 10, the city is wonderfully quiet and this morning was sunny. Most enjoyable as I walked to the venue to start to work on the prop that went awry last night.

Having got it dismantled and worked out what I needed I grabbed a taxi to Wonderland. No, that's not another town; it's the name of a great model and toy shop in a part of the city I had never been to. They were more than helpful and very friendly. I got bits and pieces and they sent me a hundred yards down the road to Ali's and again, all friendly and helpful.

Another taxi back to the venue and I managed to repair the table. All was well again and today's show was fully back to normal. Despite the pouring rain we managed to get a goodly audience who laughed in all the right places. The show shot by very quickly and Debbie and I meandered home in the torrential rain. My clothes, as I type, are hanging up in the boiler room to dry.

Gil and Hopper were brilliant today. I held the carry case up to their new home and said 'Show Time' and they both jumped in straight away. They are a constant source of surprises and laughter.

It's still raining and Debbie and I have to go out to do a midnight show with Lorraine Chase!

I hope this rain keeps up........................................................................then it won't come down!


Pete Biro said...

Next year you need to come do the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE shows...

Pete Biro said...

It don't rain here.